Winner of the Southwest Writers Poetry Award, Katherine DiBella Seluja is a nurse poet who is transposes both personal and professional healthcare experiences into poetry and prose.  Katherine studied classical piano for 15 years in her childhood and adolescence and attributes much of the lyricism and rhythm in her writing to this early musical training.  Katherine holds degrees in Nursing from both Columbia University and Yale University.  As many of those working in health care know, our patients frequently become part of our own personal stories. Katherine invites these stories to inform her writing and strives to reveal raw and powerful aspects of health and illness in poetic and lyrical forms.

Her first poetry collection, Gather the Night, focuses on the impact of mental illness and is dedicated to her older brother, Lou. The collection is forthcoming from University of New Mexico Press in early 2018.

Katherine is also frequently inspired by her Italian heritage and migration stories that she heard as a child from her grandparents.

Katherine is currently working on a collaborative project with two other poets, Tina Carlson and Stella Reed. This project is in response to the 2016 presidential election.

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