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GATHER THE NIGHT poems, available now from  UNM Press and Amazon.

Release 8/15/18.



Saturday, 10/6 @ 7pm

Tattered Cover Books, Denver, CO

with Madelyn Garner and Elizabeth Robinson


Saturday, 10/20 @ 2pm

at the home of Catherine Ferguson

6 La Vega, Galisteo, NM


Sunday, 10/21 @ 6:30 pm

Teatro Paraguas, Santa Fe

with Tina Carlson



















Katherine Seluja










Five diverse poetic voices: Aaron Abeyta,  Tani Arness, Rich Broderick, Judyth Hill and myself.  Thank you Stewart Warren and Mercury Heartlink Press for the inspiration and manifestation of this volume.  Books available on Amazon and from the individual contributors.

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  • Gotta add this and update the site!!! Amazing!!! You definitely got a gift!!!

    Along the Third Rail

    by Katherine DiBella Seluja

    His mouth, a carnival. Of squalor, he knows plenty.

    This life of Snicker-bits and fries from the bottom of the bag.
    His head, a tilt-a-whirl of pigeon feathers and rat.

    Long hours in the tunnel,
    lines in his palms, only a gypsy’s daughter could read.

    An ability to strum and a crooked smile,
    his missing teeth never bother the tourists.

    Small change always appreciated, daily commuters know him by name.

    Frieda tosses a Krispy Kreme and Jared
    gives up the end of his moo goo gai pan.

    His favorite slogan CAN’T GET OFF THE FERRIS WHEEL in pencil
    on cardboard is lucrative.

    On a good day, a bottle of Colt 45 and a hot dog.
    On dark days, a bed of crumpled paper towels

    the men’s room floor the 5-o’clock express
    rattling across his molars.

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