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  • Amazing!!! You definitely got a gift!!!

    Along the Third Rail

    by Katherine DiBella Seluja

    His mouth, a carnival. Of squalor, he knows plenty.

    This life of Snicker-bits and fries from the bottom of the bag.
    His head, a tilt-a-whirl of pigeon feathers and rat.

    Long hours in the tunnel,
    lines in his palms, only a gypsy’s daughter could read.

    An ability to strum and a crooked smile,
    his missing teeth never bother the tourists.

    Small change always appreciated, daily commuters know him by name.

    Frieda tosses a Krispy Kreme and Jared
    gives up the end of his moo goo gai pan.

    His favorite slogan CAN’T GET OFF THE FERRIS WHEEL in pencil
    on cardboard is lucrative.

    On a good day, a bottle of Colt 45 and a hot dog.
    On dark days, a bed of crumpled paper towels

    the men’s room floor the 5-o’clock express
    rattling across his molars.

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